This website is jointly owned and operated by GP Acoustics International and GP Acoustics (UK) (hereinafter jointly referred as GPA), parent company of KEF website at (“Website”) and SOUND OF LIFE website at When we refer to ‘our website’ we principally mean our main company website This document also covers the use and collection of data across a family of websites run by GP Acoustics International Limited.


What are cookies and how do we use them?

We and our business partners collect information about your use of our online services using cookies. Cookies are very small files that are sent by us to your computer or other device which we can access when you visit our website in future. Cookies help us remember who you are and other information about your visits. They can help display the information on a website in a way that matches your interests. Most major websites use cookies.

Below you will find more detailed information about our cookies and the reason for using them.


Strictly necessary cookies
Some cookies are strictly necessary for you to be able to experience the full functionality of our site and for us to deliver upon our promises. For example, these cookies allow you to use the website and log-in to your account as intended. Without these cookies, some parts of our site and services just won’t work as they should. We also use cookies to direct you to the right website based on geography and language and to detect and prevent security threats and malicious behaviour.

Performance cookies
Performance cookies tell us about how you use the site and they help us to make it better. For example, these cookies count the number of visitors to our website and see how visitors move around when they are using it. This helps us to improve the way our site works, for example, by ensuring that users find what they are looking for easily.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies allow our site to remember your preferences, helping you to customize your content on our website. This type of cookie enables us to highlight content and services we believe is of interest and relevance to you. This way we can remember you when you return to our site and to give you best possible user experience.

Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies are a key part of how we deliver marketing on our sites. Among other uses, cookies allow us to show more relevant advertising by serving you information, offers and promos that are based on your browsing patterns and the way you have interacted with our sites and apps. We can then present to you a web site content that is more relevant to you, meeting your interests and preferences. Cookies enables limiting the number of times an advertisement is shown. Marketing cookies can be used to track the effectiveness of our ad campaigns on third party websites.

What is the legal ground to use cookies?
The use of strictly necessary cookies relies either on the contractual arrangement we have with you or our legitimate interest. To find out more about the specific purpose and legal ground for the use of cookies, please check out the Privacy Policy on each subject matter.

For the use of other types of cookies such as performance cookies, functional cookies or marketing cookies we require your prior consent.

Who has access to cookie information?
Information obtained from you through cookies is shared within GP Acoustics International. Information obtained from third party cookies is also available to the third-party provider placing the cookie on our site. We will not share first-party cookie information with third parties nor sell swap or otherwise disclose such information with anyone outside GP Acoustics International.

How long are cookies stored in your browser or on your device?
Cookies can be stored for varying lengths of time on your browser or device.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies (or permanent cookies) will be stored in one of your browser's subfolders until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them based on the duration period contained within the cookie's file. Their duration depends on the date of expiry written in them.

Session cookies
Session cookies are immediately deleted when you close your browser. When you restart your browser and go back to the site that created the cookie, the website will not recognize you.

Other tracing technologies
Information gathered through other tracing technologies such as tags and pixels are saved for 24 months.

How to manage your cookies?

Managing browser settings
You can manage your cookies from your computer or mobile device using web browser. All commercial web browsers are featured with cookie management functionality. Please check your web browser to find out more how to delete or disable cookies etc. You can easily stop your browser from accepting cookies altogether by configuring your browser’s cookie settings.

If you choose to disable cookies in your web browser, you will not be able to take advantage of all our features.


Opting-out from social media platforms, ad network/ad tech providers
Please follow the link to learn more about how to opt-out of the cookies provided by some of our partners here:

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